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Body Scrub

Body Scrub

1-60 minute scrub-$125

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Are you ready to experience the ultimate pampering and rejuvenation for your skin? Look no further than Flawless Forever's Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Spa Treatment.

What Is a Body Scrub?

A body scrub uses natural abrasives to eliminate dead skin cells, smooth the outer skin layer, and promote cellular regeneration. It is most effective on the arms, legs, chest, back, and feet. The process involves massaging the scrub into the skin in a circular motion, which helps to improve circulation and promote skin cell renewal.

This exfoliation treatment is the go-to solution for deep cleansing, buffing away debris, and minimizing skin roughness. On top of that, scrubs boost the skin’s absorption abilities to secure optimal hydration and nourishment.

Their granular formulas contain varying degrees of moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and skin-tightening agents suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of the Flawless Forever premium Himalayan body exfoliation treatment:

Exfoliation is, at its simplest definition, the removal of dead skin cells. It is a process that not only helps many skin conditions, but also has numerous health benefits.

Exfoliation removes dead cells, taking dullness and flakiness with it and revealing a new layer of glowing, healthy skin. Despite its benefits, exfoliation is often skipped in skin care routines. Using the appropriate exfoliating scrub, depending on your skin type, YES that matters, we rid the body of dead skin to enhance the look and feel of your skin. This treatment will enhance your body’s natural glow.

*  Another benefit of our professional Himalayan body scrub is that it helps clear blemishes and clogged Pores – clogged pores are caused by the trapping of excess sebum and keratin in the skin. This buildup can cause blackheads and blemishes that will not subside with cleansing. Exfoliation can aid in ridding the skin of the dirt, giving blemishes room to heal.

* Healing and Preventing Ingrown Hairs – By removing the top layer of skin, exfoliation can assist not only in getting rid of ingrown hairs, but also in revealing the newer skin underneath.

*  Increasing Blood Circulation – At Flawless Forever our exfoliation techniques involve slight pressure and circulatory motions. This movement helps to increase blood circulation within the body. Increased blood circulation has many benefits, including promoting new skin cell production, breaking down fat tissues, and helping to rid the body of toxins.



Who can benefit from a professional full body scrub?
This full body exfoliation treatment is great for clients that want to diminish the appearance of dry, sallow skin or alleviate keratosis pilaris. For some clients, the results from this type of treatment can last up to 30 days, especially if they follow a good home care regimen.

Dry Brushing-is performed directly before performing the scrub-This method involves a gentle massage with a dry, bristly brush made of natural fibers. It eliminates flaky skin, increases blood circulation, promotes lymph drainage, and helps expel toxins and accumulated waste from the body to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is suitable for dry, rough, flaky skin with persistently sturdy spots (e.g., elbows, knees).

1. Flawless Forever will either provide a double gown for the client so only the area(s) being worked on will be exposed, or the client may wear a bathing suit.

2. We will check the client's skin for lesions, cuts, and scratches, making note to avoid those areas.

3. In order to keep the client as warm and comfortable as possible, we always apply the scrub to one section of one side of the body at a time – starting with the feet and working up the body – by pulling back the blanket, sheet, and plastic. Warm steam will continuosly be directed onto the exposed area.

4. Exfoliating towards the heart in a gentle, circular, clockwise motions will be performed in order to prevent any discomfort. Communication with our clients is an important part of the Flawless Forever professional scrub. We want to ensure that the amount of pressure that is being applied is adequate for all of our clients, as pressure varies from each person.

5. After applying the scrub to one side of the client's body, we will  pour warm water into a large bowl and wet the gloved hands. We will massage the salt scrub mixture, letting it seep into the skin. In order to keep our client from becoming cold, the steamer will constantly be faced toward the body and multiple warm towels will be used.

6. Once both sides of the client's body have been fully exfoliated, we will gently remove the bottom towel, rewrapping the client and positioning them into a sitting stance. Pull down the blanket to reveal their back and repeat the exfoliation process, removing the top towel when finished.

7. We will rinse the clients body without soap so that the minerals from the treatment stay on the skin and continue to work. Multiple warm wet towels will be used to remove the excess salt. Once the client has been steamed, washed and exfoliated, with extractions as needed, their skin will be saturated with the highest quality of premium medical grade serum, specific to their skin type, and a light massage will be performed. 

8. During the final step , you will experience an application of nourishing sea minerals and a rebalancing body mask, rich with trace elements and toning essential oils. A deeply skin-supportive cream, enhanced with a special detoxifying serum, completes the treatment and seals in nutrients. 

There are many types of body scrubs that Flawless Forever utilizes depending on each individual's skin type. Each one has its unique benefits.

Here are several other options besides the Himalayan salt body scrub that is offered here at Flawless Forever. Let us individualize the perfect scrub for you today.

  • Salt scrubs – one of the most popular types of body treatments, as they help to exfoliate the skin and detoxify the body
  • Sugar scrubs –  are gentle on the skin and can be used on all skin types
  • Herbal scrubs –   are made with natural ingredients such as lavender or chamomile which can soothe irritated skin
  • Coffee Body Scrub-This natural stimulant provides many anti-inflammatory, skin-rejuvenating benefits, including reduced cellulite, improved skin tone and texture, and cell regeneration.

  • Charcoal Body Scrub- Activated charcoal removes dirt, toxins, and excess oil caused by sebum overproduction. Its potent antibacterial properties make it an effective acne-fighting solution. The porous texture provides a deep cleanse, unclogging pores and removing blackheads.

  • Clay-Based Scrub-Clay is a gentle exfoliator, ideal for sensitive, clogged, acne-prone skin. It also neutralizes the damage of environmental pollutants, heavy metals, and free radicals that speed up the visible signs of aging.

  • Honey and Oatmeal Scrub-Ground oats mixed with Epsom salts and honey provide a glowing complexion with their unique combination of moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant ingredients.

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